Asking Powerful Questions

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Such a powerful question for leaders and planners: “Would I want this outcome even if I didn’t know my role within it?” It’s a bit abstract, but think of it more concretely as “Would I design this process or organization this way if I didn’t know what my role would be?” The question surfaces issues […]

Four-Day Workweek: Jumping on the Bandwagon

Syncresis is taking the plunge and migrating to a four-day workweek. Yes, we’re arguably jumping on a bandwagon, but it still makes good sense. Sometimes trends become trends because they are a good thing. Our work takes energy, creativity, strategic insight, and the emotional labor that it requires to treat our clients’ priorities as our […]

Testimonial (Phil Pelucha, Billionaires in Boxers)

It’s always such a pleasure when someone takes the time to share their appreciation! Many thanks to Phil for the kind words. Text: “I am Phil Pelucha from Billionaires in Boxers and I wanted to take a quick minute to recommend Chris Fox. Chris I absolutely love your work and you know I do brother. […]

Toxic Premises

A “toxic premise” is an unstated assumption that defines and undermines professional relationships, meetings, or projects. It almost always remains tacit, even unsayable, but people can learn to hear it emerge from all the things that remain unsaid. And it’s not about blaming or judging others. Everyone risks operating on the basis of toxic premises […]