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Mastering Authenticity in Your Content Strategy

Authenticity isn’t (just) a way to get what you want. Still, the “A” word has been a running theme in my discussions with clients about 2024. It’s generally a good principle. People trust people. Authenticity can anchor thought leadership, storytelling, community building, and connection. Content that is actually about what we have to say in […]

The Synergy Between Ideas and Stories

Seth Godin calls it story. I call it ideas. They function in many similar ways. They amplify each other. They spread. “The reason that our attention has been strip-mined is that the system that evolved seems to reward short-term players that take the direct, easy, and lazy way out. While it seems like we have […]

Beyond the Charts

I love Throbbing Gristle. Most people have no idea what that is. And if you look it up, you probably won’t thank me. Hint: It’s music. That’s the problem with content marketing dogma. You can tell me all that you want that TG is unlistenable, that it’s not music, that it’s upsetting. But I love […]

Humanizing Marketing

Marketers have a basic humanity problem. They see people as targets. They talk about people as targets. This mindset must end. The sad part is that most marketers I know are fantastically good people. Warm, humane, and thoughtful. I’m honored to work with them. But all of those qualities get lost in the mix of […]