A Personal Reflection on 9/11 and the Unpredictability of Life

Long before “work from home” was considered legitimate, the morning of 9/11/2001, I decided that I would stay home to finish an article I was working on for my employer at the time. Purely a personal judgment call. I figured the finished product would get me out of the hot water of showing up late. […]

Unconventional Perspectives: Marketing, Thought Leadership, and Writing

I fully admit it. It’s weird and maybe a bit alienating to talk about marketing through the lens of ethical philosophy, thought leadership through the lens of epistemology, and writing through the lens of formal aesthetics and phenomenology. It’s just the after-effect of coming at my current profession from a non-traditional path deep within the […]

Finding the Current to Sail Again

Sometimes, it’s the lack of turbulence that leaves you stalled. You enter the “horse latitudes.” Skies are clear, winds are calm. It all gets too easy. Smooth sailing, and then you are stuck. So stuck that you have to start throwing your horses overboard. You don’t have enough food or water for them. Or you […]

Cultivating Conscious Content Consumption

Did you wake up this morning wanting to consume some content? Did you consume any good content this weekend? Did you visit any content stores (in person or online)? Oddly phrased questions for a reason—I’m pretty sure that the only people who care about content qua content are the owners of the containers. As for […]

Unmasking the Battle for Genuine Communication in a Formulaic Content World

A few thoughts about generative AI and LinkedIn “bros.”* * LI bros: Heavy LI posters (essentially always men of a certain generation) who promise to 10x everything, and provide you with frameworks, templates, courses, etc. ** Heat death: A hypothetical end state of any system, up to and including the Universe, in which energy is […]