Sense of Simplicity

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do like thinking about my intentions for the year through the lens of an annual theme. For 2022, it’s “simple.” Like most simple ideas, there’s a lot beneath the surface: decency, kindness, strength, vulnerability, and humans loving humans even when it’s difficult. For me, that sense of […]

Eight Ways That SEO Can Mean “Screw Everyone Over”

Trying to game search engines makes the Internet a worse place. Customers, companies, and the common good of the Internet itself all suffer when you generate content pollution. While there are plenty of legitimate ways to make your content more findable, none of them should take priority over content authenticity and effectiveness. Publish good content, […]

Three Simple Reasons That Cause Unsubscribes

Disappointed in your rate of email unsubscribes? Make sure to attend to three simple reasons that may be draining your audience. 1) The email list is under-segmented. In other words, you are sending emails that are not targeted precisely enough. Recipients don’t find your emails relevant to their needs or interests. Tip: Instead, use whatever […]