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B2B Marketing Empathy and Effectiveness

Are B2B marketers sadists? You’d think so from all the talk about pain points. But no, B2B buyers are not usually in pain. At least not for any reasons you’re hoping for and fetishizing. Even worse, your offering is not a painkiller. Sorry. You wish. But it’s just not that addictive. On the plus side, […]

The New Metric of Influence

Are you bold enough to rethink the way you measure thought leadership outcomes? You can do it! Stop chasing numbers. Say no to metrics like views, clicks, likes, and leads. Stop worrying about SEO. Instead, start having conversations. Ask your sales team, “Did you use this in a meeting? How did it help you? What […]

The Art of Conversations

Marketing is a monologue. Sales is a dialogue. Most of the time… But it doesn’t have to be that way. Marketers can and should do better than trying to squint past the stage lights to see whether “the audience” is sleeping, squirming, or smiling.

The Dark Side of AI in Lead Generation

One reason you receive incessant messages from lead generation services is that there are seemingly uncountable numbers of lead generation agencies with processes and automations that allow them to send nearly infinite pitches. AI will make it worse by raising the potential supply to another level of near infinity while lowering demand to near zero. […]

Canned Messages and Consequences

I messed something up. Made a bad judgment call. And now, I’m quite pissed at myself. Although I (hope) I learned a few things. Here’s what I did: I used a tool that sends canned messages to people letting them know about my newsletter. I wrote the content, and it did the work. If you […]