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The Essence of Thought Leadership

In some ways, thought leadership is just content CREATED by and for people who are passionate about what they do and SHARED in order to inspire and spread change. Once you remove the anxiety and buzzwords and nonsense, it comes down to one thing: care.

When Identity Becomes a Crime

When Identity Becomes a Crime

Write down three words that describe your identity. Not behavior, not traits, but who you fundamentally are. Then imagine waking up to find out that a top leader in your government believes one of those things should be criminalized. Not discriminated against. Criminalized. That’s what has happened. The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, […]

Against the Ideology of Stupid

I was bullied through most of school. A lot. Not just for being a non-conformist—eyeliner, torn clothes safety pins, as early 80s as you can imagine. Not just for being gay. Not just for coming from a single-parent household. There was a much deeper stigma… I was effortlessly, unstudiously, and unapologetically smart (i.e., good at […]

Eleven Years Ago, I Made a Move That Changed My Life

Eleven years ago today, a tow truck took my car and movers emptied my house in New Jersey as it poured down rain. It looked like another sad story of the brutal financial crisis. But, no. I was getting on a plane headed to Los Angeles, on my way to a new house I had […]

Cultivating Grace in Thought Leadership

What does it mean to talk about graceful thought leaders? What could thought leadership have to do with grace in the first place? And what would it look like to step away from spamming, pitching, shouting in crowded places? Your thinking and attention might just feel…better I’ll be writing about the why, what, and how […]