A Big Year for Thought Leadership

If my first day client calls are any indication, 2023 is going to be a big year for marketing via thought leadership. Why? It offers an optimal balance between impact and cost. Distribution is measurable. It creates significant opportunities to reuse, reframe, and repurpose. It helps companies stand apart from others with similar offerings. It […]

The 4.5 Questions

Here’s a simple way to spare yourself an enormous amount of crap and get lots of your own time back. In just 4.5 questions: What is this? Why does it matter? Is what I am hearing true? And in which contexts? Why is THIS person saying it? The harder part is learning to replace immediate […]

A Marketer Is Like a Great Bartender

A marketer is like a great bartender: Able to deliver the basics like a martini with easy finesse Able to create a novel and complete wow moment with edgy combinations of notes like absinthe and tarragon Able to reach multiple audiences with a few elevated mocktails on the menu Able to keep patrons engaged Able […]

Advice vs Transformation

Tips, formulas, how-tos… So limiting. Stories about 10X results and the like almost seem to demand emulation. But are they true? Even if they are true, are they relevant? Even if they are relevant, what do they assume? How much of their actual outcome is a function of someone else’s goals, someone else’s context and […]

Theory Is a Marketing Fundamental

Theory matters. People want examples and practical tips. Make it tangible. Make it easy to understand. But the understanding of what “it” is is impoverished if “it” lacks clarity and rigor, if “it” emerges from vague presuppositions and assumptions. Premises linger underneath what we say unless we unearth and expose them. Those premises may be […]