A Strategic Blueprint in One Simple Step

Marketers can take a practical step towards building 2024 thought leadership TODAY with one simple action. Schedule a 30-minute call with client-facing subject-matter experts. If you don’t have names, find them out. The agenda is to ask them about what questions clients have started asking lately and what trends they see emerging. Develop and share […]

The Thought Leader’s Dilemma: From Clicks to Impactful Connections

Imagine you have a choice. You can be a “thought leader” who can take a few tens of thousands of social media engagements as guaranteed for every single post. Or you can be a “thought leader” whom the top 100 decision makers in your field are likely to call when they have a question, challenge, […]

Boosting Productivity and Happiness

“A company replaced all of its managers with coaches. Employees became 20% more productive–and much happier.” (Source) I absolutely love this idea. The problem with the traditional management model is that middle managers can’t escape from self-interest. They have to think that way if they want to climb the ladder. They have to think that […]