Formulas for Success Depend on Hidden Variables

Most formulas for success depend on hidden variables, such as who you are, what your business does, what your target market is, which decision-makers matter most, and what you actually have to say.

Venture Capital Funding for Startups

VC firms pulling back on their investing is actually a huge advantage for startups. Founders who have a clear, crisp, compelling story gain a real edge because firms have already raised funds.

No Time to Go Silent

Someone asked me yesterday whether I thought that a looming recession would make premium content seem like a costly, expendable luxury. Not at all. Companies that make strategic cuts to costs without slashing away at muscle are in the best position to outperform competitors. Research from Bain & Company found that companies investing during the […]

Asking Powerful Questions

question mark light

Such a powerful question for leaders and planners: “Would I want this outcome even if I didn’t know my role within it?” It’s a bit abstract, but think of it more concretely as “Would I design this process or organization this way if I didn’t know what my role would be?” The question surfaces issues […]