The Data

Sometimes people invoke “the data” as a way to sidestep their own agency and accountability.

Saying No at the Right Time

The better you get at learning what tasks to take on, the better you get at spotting those tasks that just don’t make sense for you. While some tasks fit your talents and match your personal development goals quite well, others may simply be better suited for other people. You also become adept at seeing which projects and client relationships are part of your overall plan and which ones keep you in stasis or even erode your talents.

Thought Leadership’s Superpower

While thought leadership works for many reasons, one simple reason is the most fundamental. Thought leadership works because people trust people.

Thought Leadership and Employee Engagement

When creating distribution plans for thought leadership content, make sure to include your own employees in the process. All too often, companies leave it to their employees to find published thought leadership on marketing channels. Some attempt to share with employees on an internal communications platform such as an intranet or Slack. These efforts seemingly treat employee engagement as an afterthought.

Avoiding Common Thought Leadership Mistakes

While most of my client conversations focus on positive steps to establish and maintain thought leadership positioning, I also occasionally hear questions or have discussions about what not to do.
Here are some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Always remember, the goal of thought leadership is to stand out and shine rather than blending into mediocrity and chatter.