What Are You Doing?

Awe, joy, insight, effortless brilliance, and limitless creativity—if your every moment and interaction is not in the fullness of these, what are you doing? What are you doing?

iPad Productivity

On Monday, my MacBook succumbed to swollen battery syndrome and became unsafe to use. While waiting for a replacement, I’ve been getting by with an iPad and I’m noticing: I absolutely love being prevented from multi-tasking. This benefit outweighs almost everything else. After less than a day, I had to boot up my MacBook to […]

Commitment, Not Time

I like to think of my calendar as available units of commitment rather than open slots of time.

Saying No at the Right Time

The better you get at learning what tasks to take on, the better you get at spotting those tasks that just don’t make sense for you. While some tasks fit your talents and match your personal development goals quite well, others may simply be better suited for other people. You also become adept at seeing which projects and client relationships are part of your overall plan and which ones keep you in stasis or even erode your talents.

Strategic Planning for Company You

Can one person go on an executive retreat? Absolutely! Setting aside dedicated time to think through your vision and strategy makes sense no matter what your role may be. Taking an executive retreat for yourself can be an excellent year-end activity as you start to consider what will define success in the year ahead. Your strategy sets the contours for action, for change, and for why and how you respond to what happens. Just as with companies and other organizations, Company You needs a reliable mechanism for creating that strategy. The executive retreat approach accomplishes just that. Follow this six-step process to set aside time and ask yourself the questions you should be asking.