Formulas for Success Depend on Hidden Variables

Most formulas for success depend on hidden variables, such as who you are, what your business does, what your target market is, which decision-makers matter most, and what you actually have to say.

Venture Capital Funding for Startups

VC firms pulling back on their investing is actually a huge advantage for startups. Founders who have a clear, crisp, compelling story gain a real edge because firms have already raised funds.

Recession Be Damned

A few random thoughts about the prospects of a recession. Just keep making progress. If it rains, you might bring an umbrella, but you still can go the places you want to go. Take care of people as much as you can, and fill in the cracks with kindness. Worrying about a recession is a […]

Thought Leadership Challenges Your Whole Strategy

Thought leadership strategy forces you to ask what you can say about yourself that is true, and what you do in the world to make it true. These questions span an entire organization. Answering them and then doing something about them unmistakably requires the input of people empowered to make executive decisions and lead towards change. Including top company leaders in thought leadership strategy discussions takes the best advantage of this transformative opportunity.

Tying Thought Leadership to Financial Product Marketing

Although thought leadership is not an appropriate format for marketing product features and benefits directly, there is a way to link thought leadership pieces to a broader product marketing strategy. In other words, thought leadership can accomplish more than brand awareness and help build reputations. Connecting the two strategies can be very effective. You can even design them to reinforce each other.